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How Couch Surfing Made Me Dateable

I like my space. I like to be left alone in my space. Ask any of my previous roommates: me = prickly, especially in the morning. I like to walk around naked, make a mess in the kitchen, leave my papers on the couch. I like my OWN space on my OWN terms. But being in a relationship means, eventually, sharing. Even if you don’t live together, someone is bound to spend the night or make you dinner or…sit on your couch. For more than a few hours.

Photo of a Couchsurfer's Bed
Photo of a Couchsurfer's Bed © granth

Free Shopping: Everyday Ways To Save Money For Travel

A few months ago I was browsing online when I came across a video about a woman who feeds her family of 6 on $4 a week. Wondering what the catch was, I watched it. The catch was - this woman knew how to find deals! I mean REAL deals. Her creed was that, if it’s not free, or nearly free, she doesn’t buy it.

Saving Money for Travel
Photo of Piggy Bank © alancleaver_2000

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