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Riding the Arimura Ferry from Okinawa, Japan to Taiwan

By - Posted on 07 June 2010

In 2008 I traveled from Naha, Okinawa to Kaohsiung, Taiwan by ferry just before the ferry company disappeared. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Arimura Ferry: Okinawa, Japan to Taiwan

The ferry company was called Arimura, and if I remember correctly, the price of a ticket was about $150 USD each way.

The trip took two or three nights. Each passenger got a bunk bed to to sleep on during the trip:

Arimura Ferry bunk

Here is a photo of my bunk:

My bunk on the ferry

If the ferry starts running again, I recommend trying to stop over on Ishigaki Island or one of the other Ryukyu Islands. I was able to leave the ferry in Ishigaki for a few hours, and I regret not staying on Ishigaki for couple of days.

Ryukyu Islands from the ferry

Orion Beer was sold in vending machines throughout the ship -- about $3 USD for a can:

Orion Beer vending machine, Japan

We arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan before dawn and waited for the sun to come up and a boat that would ferry us to shore.

Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan

Here is a photo of the sun rising over Kaohsiung and the Tuntex Sky Tower (the 18th tallest building in the world).

Photo of Kaohsiung, Taiwan on the Ferry from Okinawa

After checking into my hostel, I took a walk along the Love River:

Love River Kaihsiung, Taiwan

When I went to cancel my return trip back to Japan, the ferry office was closed and I wasn't able to get a refund. I later found out the Arimura Ferry went out of business.

Have you ridden the Okinawa-Taiwan Ferry? Are there any alternatives to the Arimura Ferry, or is it now impossible to travel by boat between Japan and Taiwan?


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