How to Backup a Website on Site5 Hosting

Here is a quick tutorial on how to backup a WordPress or other kind of site on Site5 hosting.

Backing-up the Files

First, login to your Site5 account.

Then go to the control panel for your website and look for the "manage backups" link as shown in the image below. Just click the "Generate Full Backup" button to backup your site:

 backup your files

There will be a popup where you can enter your email to get notified when the backup is complete:

Site5 backup

Backing-up the Database

That button is supposed to backup the databases too, but it doesn't work with InnoDB databases. If you don't know whether your site uses InnoDB databases, backup the databases separately with phpmyadmin, as described below.

First, navigate to the phpmyadmin page:

Site5 backup phpmyadmin screenshot

Then, choose your database from the left side of the screen, if applicable:

Site5 phpmyadmin, choose database

Then click "export" and the "go" button. The database will download to your computer. phpmyadmin export button

That's it! :)