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Funny Signs from Around the World

By - Posted on 12 January 2011

From bizarre and inane to clever and cheeky, here are some funny signs from around the world.

Flippin Arkansas

Yes, Flippin, Arkansas really exists. It's a town of about 1300 nestled in the Ozark Mountains. It might be worth moving and a career change just to say I was the Flippin Mayor, a Flippin Cop or a Flippin Pastor.

Photo of Church Sign, Flippin Arkansas © uberculture

Photo of Funny Sign, Flippin Arkansas © uberculture

Photo of Funny Sign, Flippin Arkansas © uberculture

Traffic and Street Signs

These traffic signs run the gamut from self explanatory to complete mysteries.

"Caution! Viking's attack area!"
Photo of Funny Street Sign, Stockholm Sweden © kenny_lex

Just another reason to love San Francisco.
Photo of Funny Street Sign, San Francisco California © MarkWallace

It's hard to tell if this sign is a joke or if there really is no under standing.
Photo of Funny Street Sign, Brisbane Australia © gruntzooki

Taking notice of the notice.
Photo of Funny Sign © christopher mallet

Wondering if the designer of this sign thought their statement through before having it made.
Photo of Funny Traffic Sign © ChodHound

Traffic signs for aliens.
Photo of Funny Traffic Sign, Reykjavik Iceland © sillywailo

Don't bust out of triangles in threes?
Photo of Funny Street Sign, Kobarid Slovenia © mundo resink

"Skipping person with briefcase area"
Photo of Funny Street Sign, Buenos Aires, Argentina © magnoid

With this kind of driving instructions, it's no wonder traffic is so chaotic in Italy.
Photo of Funny Traffic Sign, Tuscany Italy © nafmo

Lost in Translation

Translations can be really funny, epically when they they are nonsensical or unknowingly have double meanings.

I have no idea what this means. Not even a guess.
Photo of Funny Bathroom Sign, Beijing China © gruntzooki

Stating the obvious.
Photo of Funny Sign, Hong Kong China © Sliver Tusk

A warning, just in case visitors were thinking about falling in the water.
Photo of Funny Sign, Yunnan China © giladr

Photo of Funny Sign, China © simplyla

Groovy translation.
Photo of Funny Hotel Sign, Tokyo Japan © katclay

Does this mean it's okay for men to ride in this car until 8:03?
Photo of Funny Train Sign, Tokyo Japan © gruntzooki

The translator either had difficulty with verb conjugation or was having a little fun.
Photo of Funny Sign, Shanghai China © Augapfel

Think Before Creating a Sign

These signs raise the question: "What were you thinking?"

Some things really do not need explaining.
Photo of Funny Bathroom Sign, London England © James Nash (aka Cirrus)

It looks like maybe someone was drinking when they made these bar signs.
Photo of Funny Sign © MyAngelG

Which way do I go?
Photo of Funny Sign © srslyguys

For those who like to live on the edge.
Photo of Funny Sign, Edinburgh Scotland © pjf@cpan

Would this be considered discrimination?
Photo of Funny Sign, Edinburgh Scotland © pjf@cpan

FYI: You don't have to be a gangster to be a graffiti artist.
funny-signs-photo-street-cc.jpg Photo of Funny Sign, London England © garryknight

Just Because

Just for laughs.

Everyone has their own idea of what and where to worship.
Photo of Funny Church Sign © au_tiger01

Jazz hands are always funny.
Photo of Funny Sign © theritters

These signs must be good for business.
Photo of Funny Sign © Laram777

Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! is the name of a town in Quebec, exclamation marks included.
Photo of Funny Sign, Quebec Canada © scazon

Is this the way to just the mens room or is there a toilet for the ladies as well?
Photo of Funny Sign, Amsterdam The Netherlands © joepyrek

I'm assuming 'crack' and 'blow' are legitimate nut shelling terms.
Photo of Funny Sign, Georgia USA © peterrieke

Funny Instructions and Warnings

A warning, just in case someone was planning to saw the seat in half.
Photo of Funny Sign, Zurich Switzerland © Remy Sharp

Don't litter! If you need to dispose of your head, put it in the garbage receptacle!
Photo of Funny Sign, Feldkirch Austria © TFDuesing

Trespassers be warned!
Photo of Funny Sign © tenioman

Funny Store Signs

Adding humor to your shopping experience.

Catnip can lead to staring at objects for hours at a time, chasing invisible objects and the munchies.
Photo of Funny Store Sign © shaymus22

How generous of the shopkeeper.
Photo of Funny Sign © Charlie Brewer

Some people feel the need to apologize for everything.
Photo of Funny Store Sign, Mexico © wnstn

Cheeky store name.
Photo of Funny Store Sign, Vancouver Canada © mastermaq

A store for the catty.
Photo of Funny Store Sign, London England © gruntzooki


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