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10 Things I Love About the Greek Islands

"Happy is the man... who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea." --Nikos Kazantzakis

I've been to the Greek Islands many times over the past 12 years. Here are some of the reasons why I love going back!

Interview with a Napa Valley Winemaker Part 2

Here is part 2 of our interview with Napa Valley winemaker Dean Sylvester. In this section, he talks with us about California wines, what makes some wines so expensive and how he got to be such an accomplished winemaker.

Photo of Barrel Room at Whitehall Lane
Photo of Barrel Room at Whitehall Lane © Minami Cohen

Interview with a Napa Valley Winemaker Part 1

Napa Valley winemaker Dean Sylvester has been in the wine industry for almost 40 years. He started out selling wines in Upstate New York then headed out to the West Coast to study the art and science of winemaking. Dean received his degree in Fermentation Science from University of California - Davis in 1979 and has been making wine ever since. For the past 12 years, he has been the winemaker at Whitehall Lane in St Helena. Three of Dean's wines are rated in the top five in the World from The Wine Spectator Magazine. He recently sat down with Open Journey to answer some questions about wine, winemaking and Napa Valley.

Photo of  Winemaker Dean Sylvester and Open Journey Staff
Photo of Winemaker Dean Sylvester and Open Journey Staff © Basha Cohen

Funny Signs from Around the World

From bizarre and inane to clever and cheeky, here are some funny signs from around the world.

Flippin Arkansas

Yes, Flippin, Arkansas really exists. It's a town of about 1300 nestled in the Ozark Mountains. It might be worth moving and a career change just to say I was the Flippin Mayor, a Flippin Cop or a Flippin Pastor.

Photo of Church Sign, Flippin Arkansas © uberculture

How Couch Surfing Made Me Dateable

I like my space. I like to be left alone in my space. Ask any of my previous roommates: me = prickly, especially in the morning. I like to walk around naked, make a mess in the kitchen, leave my papers on the couch. I like my OWN space on my OWN terms. But being in a relationship means, eventually, sharing. Even if you don’t live together, someone is bound to spend the night or make you dinner or…sit on your couch. For more than a few hours.

Photo of a Couchsurfer's Bed
Photo of a Couchsurfer's Bed © granth

Haunted New York City

New York City is filled with all kinds of residents – young ones, old ones, live ones…dead ones. As Halloween approaches, we’d like to introduce you to some places in the City where you just might be able to meet some of New York City’s ghosts.

Photo of Ghostly Image, New York City © photo-finish

5 Fantastic Cities of the Ancient World

Ancient cities lost and found, extraordinary architecture uncovered, mysterious and fascinating histories: Here are 5 fantastic cities of the ancient world.


Lost City of Memphis Eqypt
Photo of Alabaster Sphinx, Memphis Egypt © David Berkowitz

How To See Napa in a Day

As a former Napa Valley resident, I have put together a day trip in the Napa Valley that is a real treat. Best of all, it is off the beaten path and will introduce you to some amazing wines. I never get tired of taking my friends on this tour and no one is ever disappointed!

Napa Valley Vineyard, Napa Valley California USA
Napa Valley Vineyard, Napa Valley California © Christopher Cooley

All About Nude Hiking

While most people don't have much of a reaction to the mention of skinny dipping (besides some giggling), when it comes to hiking nude it just seems, well, strange.

Photo of Nude Hikers
Photo of Nude Hikers © Gilbau

Strange and Beautiful Landscapes of North America

With deserts, glaciers and volcanoes, the United States and Canada are home to a vast diversity of terrain. Here are some dramatic photos of their unusual and beautiful landscapes.

Sliding Rock, Death Valley Nevada USA

Sliding Rock, Death Valley Nevada USA
Photo of Sliding Rock, Death Valley Nevada USA © Jim Gordon

The sliding rocks of Death Valley are a mysterious geological phenomenon. No one knows for sure how these rocks move, although there are quite a few theories. The most popular theory is that they are moved by the strong sustained winds that blow across the valley. Although the area only gets a few inches of rain a year, when it is wet, the surface of the valley turns into a slick mud. Once the rocks are in motion, the winds may help to propel them along.

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